Intense Pulse Light (IPL)


In the 90's there was a research in the United States about the effects of "flash lamps" as treatment in vascular lesions, then it was discover the effect IPL on the skin that make it produce more collagen, which improve the appearance of the skin tissue.

That's the reason IPL is used in dermatology to eliminate aged-spots, vein in the skin an rejuvenation of the face amongst many other things.


The use of IPL in photo-depilation

In 1997 Intense Pulse Light was approve for photo-depilation, after observing the dermatological treatment with the side effect of loss of hair in the treated area.

The procedure of photo-depilation (like the rejuvenation of the skin) need to be done as follow: wearing of special glasses of protection, application of cold gel over the area, the photo-depilation IPL send pulses of light at the area to be depilated which reach the root of the hair eliminating the root and leaving the skin intact. In the case of depilation 6 to 8 sessions are needed to completely eliminate the hair, with interval of each session of a month to 45 days. After the treatment rarely you will see reddening of the skin which can be treated with aloe vera creams for a few days.


The use of IPL in rejuvenation of the skin


Before starting the treatment with the IPL, a test need to be done to see the skin reaction. Always wear the special eye glasses (patient and the specialist), a cold gel need to be applied first on the area that is to be treated. The flashes of the intense light are displace over the treated area with gel. After removing the gel a light reddening of the skin can be seen which will go away in 15min.

To achieve better and permanents results 5 sessions are recommended with 20 days – a month interval between sessions.


Hair removal with IPL represents the most modern and innovative permanent hair removal system.

IPL hair removal is not laser removal.

The hair removal or photorejuvenation is done through the utilization of light. This definition comprises two techniques, by laser or Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). The main difference between both methods, is that IPL, being a modern technology, can be used for a wider range of skin color and hair. Another advantage, is that IPL technique is painless and cheaper. Hair removal centers use Intense Pulsed Light systems of last generation to ensure the best results from the first session.

Filters IPL NMT

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)
One of the most revolutionary methods in this matter is IPL or Intense Pulsed Light, which has hundreds of wavelengths in each flash and can be applied in various
treatments to obtain different results:

Facial Rejuvenation or Photorejuvenation

IPL is also used for facial rejuvenation by issuing a similiar beam to the laser, and achieving a facial rejuvenation by improving visibly, and almost immediately the appearance of the skin altered by the sun, age or injuries:

-Aging skin (cutaneous skin)
-Skin imperfections
-Alterations caused by the sun
-Brightness of the skin
-Pigmented injuries
-Seborrehic injuries
-Melasma and lentigines
-Vascular spiders

Permanent hair removal

Pulsed light hair removal is a noninvasive therapy, specially designed to remove unwanted hair anywhere on the body, adapting to different types of hairs and protecting the skin through a system of surface cooling of the shots of radio frequencies.

Handle IPL spot 15x35 mm2 and Handle IPL spot 15 X 50 mm2 uses the same filter or glass

8 kinds of interchangeable filters IPL (15x 35 mm2 and 15x50 mm2)

Spectrum Range:
430-1200 nm: Temperate to moderate swelling and inflamation of acne pustural
480-1200nm: Facial rejuvenation, sunspots and pigmentation problems.
530-1200nm: Toning and skin rejuvenation
590-120 nm: Vascular injuries, leg viens, pigmented injuries, red face and nose, couperosis in the face and spider veins
640-1200 nm: Pseudofolliculitis barbae (ingrown hairs), hair removal
690-1200nm: Pseudofolliculitis (ingrown hairs), hair removal in skin types IV and V
755-1200nm: Pseudofolliculitis barbae (ingrown hairs), hair removal in skin types IV and V

Handle IPL spot 8x40 mm2:

7 kinds of interchangeable filters IPL (8x 40 mm 2)

Spectrum Range:
420-1200nm: skin rejuvenation, acne
510-1200nm: pigmentation problems
520-1200nm: pigmentation problems
560-1200nm: skin rejuvenation
585-1200nm: skin rejuvenation
620-1200nm: skin rejuvenation
640-1200nm: hair removal, vascular treatments
690-1200nm: hair removal, vascular treatments
755-1200nm: hair removal, vascular treatments

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