Who we are?

New Medical Tech


New Medical Technology is a company founded in 2002 in Madrid Spain and we have offices/distributors in New York, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo.

Dedicated fundamentally to produce and sell equipment for medical and esthetic use, we have a research team NMT investigating y developing New Technology S.L. in Madrid (Spain) and a integrated production team for hight standards companys  in Europe, Middle East and China.
Our vision of the knowledge and innovation rest solely in people, they are the one that do the research, learn, teach and improve, in short: are the protagonist.

New Medical Technology deal with high technology equipment and offer a excellent relation quality/cost to service the community in the treatment of photo-depilation and photo-rejuvenation to make it affordable to everyone.

Our equipment are professional grade for up-to 16 hours if continuous use.



Technological innovation for a esthetic revolution.

Every one of our model are made with the highest quality based in the latest technology.

A touch screen display is standard with the possibility of one, two or three hand devises, one for hair removal and other treatments, other for e-light functions and other big spot.



We have a large stock of parts, heads, lamps.

We have installations well equip with tools of higth technology with the only purpose of give support to our customers.
We are prepared to repair any IPL equipment in the market.



When you buy an equipment IPL, radio frequency or ultra-cavitations

  • Decide if its going to be for professional use, or for sporadic use
  • Decide if the equipment its going to be use by medical personnel of for static/cosmetically use
  • Value the size of the area to be treated
  • Value the time between pulses
  • Take into account the cost and duration.  The cheap equipment tend to be more expensive on the long run.
  • Take into account what impression want to create in the clientele.  Its not the same to have a portable equipment in a table, then to have a free standing with two-three heads.
  • Ask do they have technical support
  • Ask who the technician by name.  can you speak with that person? What position he has? Is he accredited?
  • Ask, do they have parts in stock.  Can you see them?
  • Ask, how much Dow payment is need it to make an order.  In what time will be deliver? Can they put that in writing?
  •  IMPORTANT:  is the company and the equipment certified?


Certificate FDA

Ask how it’s the equipment imported in the country, if the equipment its not legally introduce you are totally liable, for any problem o defect with it.  A correct customs declaration insure you that the equipment meets all controls (as are the FDA approvals and the correct customs verification by the agency)
Search the track record of the company.  Search in internet for references of such company.  Ask credential of the selling company, you can see track record and lawsuit against
Don’t trust very low prices!!  You are buying a equipment that works on the skin of many people.  The certification, customs and service have a  part on the price of equipment.  If the price is low, maybe the company is lacking any of these requirements.
If the company cannot respond to any of this issues is time to reconsider from whom you will buy your next equipment of IPL

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